Designer Christmas Decorating for your home, business or event July 17, 2019 14:43

At The Happy Christmas Company we pride ourselves on providing stunning, quality Christmas decorating services. Our Creative Director, and experienced interior designer Meredith Lee, understands the importance of style and taste at Christmas time. Whether it’s for your home, business or event, you can be sure our stunning Christmas decorating will bring great joy to everyone.

As an interior designer with a background in corporate marketing, Meredith Lee can make sure your Christmas tree and decorating suits your interior, brand or event styling. Meredith and her team can expertly tailor a look to suit your requirements, or provide one of their popular existing schemes.

The Happy Christmas Company can also set up your own Christmas tree using your own Christmas decorations. This is a very popular service, particularly in private homes, when you’re short on time, or would just prefer your Christmas decorating to have that coordinated look that our experts can provide. We love the joy that our work brings to families, businesses and their customers.

We’d love to bring you a stylish Christmas this year! Contact us to talk about how we can make this Christmas a beautiful one for your home, business or event.


Launch of new 'Platinum' decorated Christmas trees November 6, 2016 22:37

This Christmas we are proud to launch a beautiful range of decorated Christmas trees – our ‘Platinum’ range of decorations. Combining platinum, gold and bronze this dazzling Christmas tree will make a big impression! It will look stunning in both contemporary and traditional settings. As with all our decorated Christmas trees, we expertly place the baubles and decorations, and top the Christmas tree with our unique star to provide the ‘wow’ factor.

For the first time this year, all of our decorated Christmas trees are available in real pine trees and high quality artificial Christmas trees. There will be one to suit everyone!

Do you want a beautiful Christmas tree without having to lift a finger? If your answer is yes, then celebrate Christmas in style with our Platinum decorated Christmas tree! We bring everything, set it all up for you, then take it all down again - no hassle!

Our decorated Christmas trees are available for hire across Melbourne.

What is included?

  • Hire of a high quality artificial Christmas Tree with Platinum theme decorations
  • We set up the Christmas tree and decorate it for you
  • In the new year we return to pack it up and take it away
  • You can choose a suitable time and day during business hours, or pay a little bit extra for a Saturday delivery
  • Up to 8 weeks single hire period. Available all year round. 

Christmas is coming quickly and our calendar is filling with bookings…so don’t delay, simply order online today and we will contact you to book in your delivery date. It’s that easy!


Christmas is coming! August 26, 2016 10:51

With only four months until Christmas, we are busy preparing to make Christmas decorating easy for you! All of our new stock has started arriving, and we are excitedly unpacking the new Christmas decorations that will make our decorated Christmas trees even more beautiful this year.

To make Christmas even easier and more beautiful, we are introducing some new Christmas trees this year…We have a new colour scheme this year that we are super excited about! In fact, it has become our new favourite (actually, we love all of our Christmas trees!). Photography of the new decorated Christmas tree is complete, and we will be able to launch it shortly. The photo below gives you a sneak preview of how it will look.

For the first time, we are also introducing real Christmas trees that are the traditional chopped Australian pine variety. We are providing these as decorated Christmas trees in our standard range of decoration collections; we can also customise the real Christmas tree to suit your interior or brand. As always, these are delivered, set up, decorated, then picked up after Christmas – what could be easier?

To make your Christmas even easier this year, contact us to book your Christmas tree today!

decorated christmas tree hire melbourne delivered

Christmas all year round! July 12, 2016 15:01

It might be hard to believe, but we're already receiving orders for decorated Christmas trees! In fact, our most requested Christmas tree set-up date of 1st December is almost booked out.

We start receiving enquiries for Christmas trees and decorations in January, when Christmas is barely even finished.  But don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to decide which Christmas tree suits you best and book it in. We will have extra staff and stock on hand this year to bring you a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Or, if you prefer the look of a real Christmas tree and to decorate it yourself, you can just hire one of our potted Christmas trees.

We deliver to all suburbs of Melbourne, and for the first time this year, we will be bringing our decorated Christmas trees to Geelong!

To make sure Christmas is beautiful and easy for our clients, we start planning for Christmas in January. We review our Christmas decorations to make sure they are on-trend and great quality, and we order new Christmas trees to keep up with our growing demand. We tend to run out of our larger trees early in the season; bigger really is better when it comes to Christmas trees!

Our potted Christmas trees receive some TLC after being inside for Christmas, and are re-potted and well cared for all year round down on the farm.

So Christmas may come just once a year (or twice for those who celebrate Christmas in July), but we keep busy all year round making sure we can deliver the happiest Christmas ever!

Decorated Christmas tree delivered Melbourne

Potted real Christmas trees sold out December 15, 2015 21:38

There has been enormous demand for our real Christmas trees in pots and we have now run out of stock. If you would like us to contact you next year to hire a real Christmas tree, please send us an email. That way you can beat the last minute rush and make getting a potted Christmas tree easy!

Please include your name, phone number and email address and we will be sure to contact you before the Christmas tree rush begins!

Our first decorated Christmas tree of 2015! November 19, 2015 14:46

It is official! Christmas decorating has started! Our first decorated Christmas tree went up last week - a 259cm Winter Wonderland themed artificial Christmas tree. Blue, silver and white 'Winter Wonderland' Christmas decorations are proving to be our most popular Christmas decoration colours this year, not surprising since they are very fashionable colours at the moment. Our new 'Noel' Christmas decorating theme of red, silver and white is also proving very popular.

We are looking forward to the bespoke Christmas decorating colour schemes we will be installing for our clients homes, businesses and events in the coming weeks. We also have some beautiful tabletop and hanging decorations to install for special events. 

We love making Christmas decorating hassle free and bringing a smile to our clients (and their clients) faces! We hope you enjoy our photos...

Winter Wonderland decorated Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas tree hire. Decorated Christmas tree hire Melbourne.Decorated Christmas tree hire Melbourne. Christmas trees delivered.

Really happy real Christmas tree! November 10, 2015 17:02

Our real Christmas trees enjoy an idyllic existence at a vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula. The potted Christmas trees are all looking stunning, with lots of new growth ready for Christmas. Just to prove how happy our real Christmas trees are, one has decided to grow some pine cones! Just gorgeous! 

Real Christmas trees delivered, potted Christmas tree, living Christmas tree, Norway Spruce, hire

It is always a pleasure to spend time with the real Christmas trees. There is always some wildlife to spot, a frog or a blue tongue lizard hanging out amongst the trees. This morning a lazy blue tongue lizard watched me load up stock into my van while it soaked up the warmth. Very idyllic!

We are looking forward to bringing our customers a stress free, happy Christmas. With less than 50 days until Christmas our stock is booking out fast, so don't delay, book yours today!

Real, living Christmas trees on trend for Christmas! October 29, 2015 15:09

There is nothing we love more than a potted, real Christmas tree. And it seems that the team at Real Living magazine also love living Christmas trees too! They have featured a Norway Spruce potted Christmas tree on the cover of their November 2015 edition.

If you don’t want the hassle of going out and buying a real Christmas tree and lugging it home, or looking after it all year round, or getting rid of it after Christmas if it is a chopped down Christmas tree (phew, I’m exhausted just writing that!!), then you can hire one from us. We make it easy! We deliver your real Christmas tree, provide an easy watering device and pot cover, and then come and pick up your potted Christmas tree after the Christmas festivities are finished.

Christmas is approaching quickly and our potted Christmas trees are booking up fast, so don’t miss out, book yours today!

Real Christmas tree, potted Christmas tree, living Christmas tree hire Melbourne

 Here are our top 3 reasons why we particularly love the living, potted Christmas trees that we provide:

  1. They look fantastic! Their shorter needles and natural growth provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful and unique real Christmas tree.
  2. They don’t have the strong smell that chopped down real Christmas trees have. The strong smell of the chopped down Christmas trees comes from the sap in the trunk. Our real Christmas trees stay in their pots, so no watery eyes or runny noses.
  3. We don’t kill the tree for Christmas. Our real Christmas trees live happily in their pots all year round, growing taller each year.

You can read more about our different real Christmas tree varieties here.

You can find out more on how easy it is to care for our real Christmas trees here.

Check out our new range of designer decorated Christmas trees! September 8, 2015 20:49

This year we are very excited to launch our new range of decorated Christmas trees! Interior Designer Meredith Lee has updated the look of our favourite artificial and real Christmas tree range to suit the latest interior trends, and she has introduced a new look – ‘Noel’ in the Christmas candy colours of red, silver and white.

What do our real, living Christmas trees do when it isn’t Christmas? August 17, 2015 20:51

At The Happy Christmas Company we are proud to offer real, living Christmas trees that grow in pots all year round. They love nothing more than helping you celebrate Christmas with an authenticity that only a real Christmas tree can provide.

When they aren’t spreading their Christmas cheer at your home, workplace or event, they live on a vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula. It is an idyllic existence!

Real Christmas trees, living Christmas trees, potted Christmas trees

Top 3 reasons why we love our potted, real Christmas trees July 13, 2015 21:58

There is nothing at Christmas we love more than a living Christmas tree! Read about our top 3 reasons why we particularly love the living, potted Christmas trees...

Real Christmas tree, living Christmas tree, potted Christmas tree

Decorating for Christmas in July can be super easy! March 3, 2015 15:59

Christmas in July seems to have entrenched itself as a tradition in itself. July in Australia is definitely the right season to be enjoying all of the traditional Christmas fare such as hot roasts and plum pudding that doesn’t seem to be appropriate for a sweltering hot Australian Summer. Read more about Christmas in July here...

Christmas in July. Decorated Christmas tree hire.

Top 3 tips for decorating artificial Christmas trees November 16, 2014 16:41

Find out about our three favourite Christmas decorating tips to help you achieve a professionally decorated look for your artificial Christmas tree.

Christmas decorating and Christmas tree hire.