Professional Christmas Decorators | Melbourne

Melbourne interior designer, Meredith Lee, has always loved decorating for Christmas, particularly setting up her own Christmas tree. Life was now hectic for Meredith, and she wondered if there was someone who could set up her Christmas tree for her and then come back and pack it away…then she wondered if other people wanted to hire someone to decorate their Christmas Tree?

That daydreaming evolved to be 'The Happy Christmas Company', a professional Christmas Decorating business to help homes and business find a stress-free way to hire Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Meredith Lee started the company to make decorating for Christmas a little easier, more beautiful, and hopefully a whole lot happier.

At The Happy Christmas Co. we take the hassle out of setting up Christmas trees and Christmas decorating. As an Interior Designer, Meredith Lee has ensured that each of the Christmas collections we offer are on trend and gorgeous!

And because we hire, you can choose a different look for Christmas each year! We have beautiful, high quality artificial Christmas trees for hire and freshly cut pine Christmas trees. We have different options and coordinating Christmas decorations to suit your individual home, business or event.

After Christmas, we know all you want to do is relax, so we will pack up and pick up our Christmas trees and decorations. By engaging The Happy Christmas Co, you can rest easy knowing that some of the hard work has been taken care of this Christmas!                                                                                              

Call us on 1300 325 173 and make your Christmas this year a Happy one!

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