Real Christmas tree rental in Melbourne

Real Christmas trees Real decorated Christmas tree

For some people, there is nothing like the scent of a freshly chopped pine Christmas to evoke the feeling of Christmas in their home or office. For those who love real Christmas trees, an artificial Christmas tree is simply not going to cut it!

We offer real decorated Christmas tree hire, in a selection of decoration themes, in Melbourne. Our coordinating wreaths, garlands and finishing touches can all be hired and installed with your real decorated Christmas tree.

Real Christmas trees do come with their quirks and personality that only nature can provide. This means that pine Christmas trees can often take a bit of effort to get them straight in their water container stand, and the placement of Christmas decorations is not as structured as an artificial Christmas tree. We provide specific training for our Christmas decorators to make sure your real Christmas tree will look it’s best.

We’re often asked if we can provide our Limited Edition garland style decorations for real Christmas trees, but unfortunately we can’t. The reason is that pine Christmas trees don’t have branches in the positions we need to hold the garlands in place.

To maximise the freshness of your real Christmas tree, we take the following steps:

  • Freshly cut trees are collected by our staff from the Christmas tree farm
  • We deliver and install to our prebooked customers on a selected range of dates that are within a maximum of 3 weeks before Christmas (read about our specific 2024 dates here)
  • We take a slice off the base of the Christmas tree trunk before it goes out to our customers, to ensure it has the best chance of drinking water
  • We fill up the water stand once the tree is standing in it’s base

Looking after your real Christmas tree is easy, but also very important. This is what we recommend to maximise your pine Christmas tree’s freshness:

  • Choose a position that is out of direct light and away from any heating/cooling. The trees will dry out surprisingly quickly if they’re exposed to drying air and heat.
  • Ensure you top up the water container each day. Pine Christmas trees will drink a lot of water!

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