Which Christmas tree is right for me - a living (real) or artificial Christmas Tree? November 5, 2014 13:04

At the Happy Christmas Co. we have a variety of Christmas trees to suit all tastes, situations and budgets. We specialise in living (real, potted) Christmas trees and also have a range of high quality artificial Christmas trees. All of our Christmas trees are delivered free of charge in the Melbourne metro area.

Living (real, potted) Christmas trees

Our living Christmas trees are 'real' Christmas trees that grow in pots year round. We call them 'living' because they aren't chopped down, and continue to grow and thrive in their pots every year. They develop individual personalities; some are bushier than others, some are a lighter green, some grow a lot each year.

None of the living Christmas trees have the strong scent that is associated with the sap from chopped down, pine Christmas trees. This can make it easier for people with allergies to enjoy a real Christmas tree.

We make it easy to have a living Christmas tree in your home or business by delivering the tree, providing a watering device so you know how much to water, and if you hire the living Christmas tree we will also pick the Christmas tree up and look after it all year round - what could be easier! We can even decorate the Christmas tree and pack up after Christmas for you.

We have three varieties of living Christmas trees to choose from:

  1. Norfolk Spruce - the traditional European Christmas tree. A thinner branch and shorter needle than the usual chopped pine Christmas tree. Ranging from light to dark green in colour. Some are very bushy and others sparser. The Christmas tree branches are quite strong to hold a variety of Christmas decorations. This Christmas tree variety does drop needles and is spiky when needles are directly brushed against.

  2. Blue Spruce - an elegant Christmas tree with a blue tinge. Has whimsical branches and is the tallest of our living Christmas tree range. A very rare Christmas tree that has the 'wow' factor. We only provide these trees as part of our Decorated Christmas tree range because they do need lighter Christmas decorations and need a loving touch when decorating. Their needles are spiky when brushed against and will drop.

  3. Christmas Star - our baby of the living Christmas tree range. The Christmas trees have a tight cone shape. They need small Christmas decorations to suit their small size. They have soft needles and will shed the least needles of all our living Christmas trees. This Christmas tree is perfect for small rooms or outside on the front porch or alfresco area. It also looks beautiful without Christmas decorations or just with Christmas lights. This is the only living Christmas tree we offer for sale.

All of our living (real) Christmas trees come with a device to make watering a breeze, a gold or silver pot cover, drip tray and watering instructions. Delivery and pick up (if you hire) is included free of charge in Melbourne metropolitan areas. We have limited stocks available, so make sure you book yours today to avoid disappointment! Click here to view our range of living Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas trees

If you are after a super low maintenance Christmas tree that looks the same every Christmas, then an artificial Christmas tree is perfect for you. We offer high quality, fire retardant, beautiful artificial Christmas trees for you to hire and buy. Our artificial Christmas trees range from 198cm (6.5ft) to 305cm (10ft) tall. They have strong wired, bushy branches that reach all the way to the floor. When you hire a Christmas tree we include free delivery (weekday), set-up, pack-up and pick-up. We can also decorate the artificial Christmas tree for you using one of our designer collection of Christmas decorations. If you buy an artificial Christmas tree then we include weekday delivery, set-up and pack-up. You just need to store the tree away. Click here to see our range of artificial Christmas trees.

What could be easier? Order your Christmas tree today and we will be in touch to organise a delivery date. Delivery is free on a weekday or a little bit extra for a Saturday delivery.