Top 3 tips for decorating artificial Christmas trees

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Here are our three favourite Christmas decorating tips to help you achieve a professionally decorated look for your artificial Christmas tree.

  1. Turn the ends of the Christmas tree branches upwards. In nature the tree tips turn up towards the sun to receive more light; turning the branch ends up on your Christmas tree will provide a more natural look.

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    2. Wrap the string of the Christmas decorations around the Christmas tree branches, so that they hang tight. This will make the Christmas         decorations more secure and help them to stay facing the direction you desire. You also won't have the ugly string of the Christmas               decorations taking away from the beauty of the Christmas decorations themselves.

                           Christmas tree decoration hire Melbourne

          3. Bend over the central leader of your Christmas tree to make a more secure base for the Christmas star or other Christmas tree topper.                 This also means that your Christmas star or other Christmas topper won't be 'hanging' in mid air.

                                   Decorated Christmas tree hire. Christmas tree set up.

    These Christmas decorating tips will help you give your artificial Christmas tree a more professional and polished look. If you are looking for a quality decorated artificial Christmas tree then we can deliver it for free in the Melbourne metro area and set it up for you, then return in the new year to pack the Christmas tree away. Of course, if you already have your own tree buy don't have the time to set it up or pack it away, we can do it all for you. 

    Of course, if you want a professional to do the Christmas decorating for you, then we can also help! It's easy, all you have to do is choose the Christmas look you love and we will do the rest! Click here to select your Christmas decoration package.

    Happy Christmas tree decorating!

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