'Christmas Star' potted ChristmasTree (75cm - 1m tall) - Buy


If you don’t think Christmas is Christmas without a real tree, then you will love our living Christmas trees!

We make it super easy for you to have a relaxed Christmas by delivering your potted Christmas tree, providing an easy to use watering device, pot tray and pot cover. Best of all your real Christmas tree will continue to grow in their pot, so you don’t have the guilt factor of chopping a real Christmas tree down. 

The Christmas Star (Picea Glauca) is the baby of our living Christmas Tree family. They're prefect for small rooms, tabletops, in a child's bedroom, or an outdoor living area. They look lovely undecorated or just with lights. The branches are reasonably strong and can hold small ornaments well. The Christmas Star has a very light pine scent.

What is included?

  • Purchase of a Christmas Star Christmas Tree
  • Drip tray
  • Pot cover (gold or silver)
  • We deliver the tree during business hours, or pay a little bit extra for a Saturday delivery
  • Moisture Matic® automatic pot plant watering device

Potted Christmas Trees are individuals and, just like us, vary in appearance, so the tree you receive may be slightly different to the photo shown. Their needles range in colour from mid to dark green and are the least prickly of all the real Christmas trees we provide. As a living Christmas tree it is natural that there will be some needle drop, however this can be minimised by following our Tree Care GuideThe sizes listed are from the ground to the top of the tree and include the pot. We recommend Living Christmas trees stay inside for a maximum of one month to minimise tree stress.

When ordering, please specify if you would like a gold or silver pot cover and provide any delivery preferences.

If you would like lights for this tree, we recommend these.

Available to Melbourne and surrounds only.

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