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Artificial Christmas Tree 228cm (7.5ft) - Hire

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If you don't have room to store a Christmas tree, or simply don't want the hassle of buying one and setting it up, then hiring a Christmas tree is the perfect solution for you!

We have selected these beautiful, high quality artificial Christmas trees for their natural appearance. They have wide 8cm tips to provide a natural appearance and are soft to touch. The Christmas tree branches reach close to the floor to provide maximum Christmas decoration impact. There are a variety of Christmas tree sizes to suit different situations.

What is included?

  • Hire of a high quality artificial Christmas Tree
  • Free delivery and pick up of the Christmas Tree
  • Set up of the Christmas tree ready for you to decorate
  • Dismantling of the Christmas tree (excluding your Christmas decorations)
  • You can choose a suitable time and day during business hours, or pay a little bit extra for a Saturday delivery
  • Up to 8 weeks single hire period. Available all year round, including Christmas in July

Christmas Tree Sizes:


198cm (6.5ft) 

228cm (7.5ft)

259cm (8.5ft)

305cm (10ft)


135cm (53”) 

160cm (63”)

175cm (69”)

193cm (76”) 







What happens if COVID means my order can't be fulfilled?

We will provide a full refund or make alternative delivery/pick up arrangements, depending on the circumstances. Read our full COVID policy here.

Which size Christmas Tree is right for me?

We recommend choosing the tallest Christmas tree that will fit in your space. Allow at least 20cm from the top of the Christmas tree to your ceiling. A 198cm (6.5ft) tree is a similar height to a standard doorway. It is suited to smaller spaces, standard household ceiling heights and small reception areas. The 228cm (7.5ft) works well when ceilings are higher and you want to make a bigger impression. Our 259cm (8.5ft) and 305cm (10ft) trees have the ‘wow’ factor. They are perfect in larger spaces. We recommend using larger decorations to make sure they leave a big impression.