Care Guide for Living Christmas Trees

A few simple care tips will give you greater enjoyment of your living (real potted) Christmas tree and will help keep it fresh throughout the festive season.

  1. When the tree is inside place it in a position away from direct heat and sunlight to prevent needle burn.
  2. Check the water container every 1-2 days to ensure it always contains water. To top up the water follow these simple steps:

 Norfolk Spruce and Christmas Star (picea glauca) trees:

    • Leave the watering device in the pot
    • Fill the water container with clean tap water through the top to the line specified on the side
    • Don’t add any fertiliser or chemicals

 Blue Spruce trees:

    • Leave the feeder unit in the pot. The bottle can be removed for filling by lifting it up.
    • When the bottle is very low on water or empty, remove the bottle from the top and fill it at a tap with clean water. Don’t run the water too fast and place the bottle 25cm from the top of the stream of water. After the first couple of attempts this will be very easy.
    • To refit the bottle, place a finger over the opening and insert into the feeder unit.
    • Don’t add any fertiliser or chemicals

When taking the tree out after Christmas do not put it straight out into an exposed situation — instead put it into a shaded and sheltered position to allow it to acclimatise.