What do our real, living Christmas trees do when it isn’t Christmas? August 17, 2015 20:51

At The Happy Christmas Company we are proud to offer real, living Christmas trees that grow in pots all year round. They love nothing more than helping you celebrate Christmas with an authenticity that only a real Christmas tree can provide.

When they aren’t spreading their Christmas cheer at your home, workplace or event, they live on a vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula. It is an idyllic existence. They breathe fresh air, are watered using rain water pumped from the property’s dam, and generally enjoy the local farm animals and wildlife. The Norfolk Spruce and Blue Spruce real Christmas trees particularly love winter, and the colder the better! They are native to very cold climates.

Just like people, each of our real Christmas trees has a different look. Some are bushy, some are leggy, some grow tall quickly, and others remain squat. The colour of their needles also vary. We know our real Christmas trees very well because they aren’t chopped down at Christmas time. 

We love that our real Christmas trees live with us year after year. When they are inside at Christmas, not only are they spreading Christmas cheer, but they are helping to freshen the air, and they don’t have the strong odour that chopped down Christmas trees have. We want our living Christmas trees to survive all year round, which is why we make it as easy as possible for you to care for your hired living Christmas tree. We provide watering devices so you know just how much to water the pot.

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If a real Christmas tree isn’t for you then we also hire artificial Christmas trees and decorated artificial ChristReal Christmas trees, living Christmas trees, potted Christmas treesmas trees.