Top 3 reasons why we love our potted, real Christmas trees July 13, 2015 21:58

There is nothing at Christmas we love more than a living Christmas tree! Here are our top 3 reasons why we particularly love the living, potted Christmas trees we provide:
  1. They look fantastic! Their shorter needles and natural growth provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful and unique Christmas tree.
  2. They don’t have the strong smell that chopped down Christmas trees have. The strong smell of the chopped down Christmas trees comes from the sap in the trunk. Our trees stay in their pots, so no watery eyes or runny noses.
  3. We don’t kill the tree for Christmas. Our Christmas trees live happily in their pots all year round, growing taller each year.

We have 3 varieties of living, potted Christmas trees, one to suit every budget and style:

Norfolk Spruce (Picea Abies)

Commonly used as a Christmas tree in Europe. The branches are strong and can hold ornaments well. Their needles are very stiff, about 1-2cm long and pointed. They will be prickly if you touch the ends of the needles. These Christmas trees are loosely pyramid shaped with symmetrical branches growing stiffly at first, then softening and drooping as they age. They grow up to 30cm per year when living in pots. Their foliage is generally mid to dark green in colour. The Norway Spruce has a very light pine scent which most people generally don’t notice unless they are close to the tree. These real Christmas trees come in a range of sizes, from around 125cm up to 175cm.

Christmas Star (Picea Glauca)

The Christmas Star (Picea Glauca) is the baby of our living Christmas Tree family. They are ideal for small rooms, tabletops, in a child's bedroom, or an outdoor living area. These Christmas trees have a very defined pyramid shape and they look lovely undecorated or just with lights. Their needles range in colour from mid to dark green and are the least prickly of all our potted Christmas trees. The branches are reasonably strong and can hold small ornaments well. The Christmas Star has a very light pine scent. The Christmas Star looks best around the Christmas period when they enjoy the extra sunlight. We hire and sell these real Christmas trees.

Blue Cedar (Cedrus Glauca)

We absolutely adore our Blue Cedar potted Christmas trees. They have a refined and delicate appearance thanks to their long, slender branches and needles. The needles can be pointy when the ends are touched. As the name indicates, this potted Christmas tree has a grey-blue tinge which provides a unique and stunning look for Christmas. The great thing about these trees is that they are tall – we have potted Christmas trees that are up to 2.7m (9ft). Blue Cedar trees are often seen in parks and large gardens but are very rare as Christmas trees. As they are large trees the grow in large pots. For these reasons we only offer the Blue Cedar as decorated Christmas trees.

Easy care potted Christmas trees

All of our potted, living Christmas trees are very easy to care for thanks to our clever watering device. You can find out more on how to care for our real Christmas trees here.